Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is Philip Weis An Idiot or Just A Propagandist?

Here is from his blog from Israel, The blatancy of apartheid (beware, he's here):-

I’m no stranger to Israel and Palestine, still what shocks me about coming here is how blatant the system of unfairness is...A few impressions of the blatancy. I flew into Ben Guiron from Newark and my flight was mostly Jewish. There were no Palestinians or Arabs on the flight, as far as I could see. The sense was reinforced at Ben-Gurion. I saw no women wearing hijab, the customary form of dress in this part of the world.

So, a lack of Arabs is --- blatant apartheid.

Is that logical?  Sensible?

To turn the tables: a Hamas terrorist didn't kill a Jew today?  Is he not a terrorist?



NormanF said...

Phillip Weiss - of the anti-Zionist an anti-Israel blog Mondoweiss fame? That Phillip Weiss?

Its a mystery why this Jewish anti-Semite is allowed into Israel. Does any one at Israel's Interior Ministry not know of this guy's support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah - and in general of Israel's enemies. Its a matter of documented record! Hellooo?

Israel's border security personnel need to be fired for not doing their jobs!

Anonymous said...


Isn't Israel supposed to be this vibrant, open, neo-liberal democracy with freedom and equality for all?

If so, why would Israeli border police be in any position to stop a journalist from entering Israel because he is harshly critical of Israeli policies?

Audrey said...

Both...or better yet: A modern-day Kapo!