Thursday, July 26, 2012

Egypt's Mursi Has Sand in his Eyes

Remember the "sandcastle" rebuilt Temple clip?

Well, Egypt's President is insulted:-

President Mohammed Mursi, prompting the premier on Wednesday to launch an investigation.

Mursi ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare a report about an Israeli ad that has been decried as “offensive” to the Egyptian president, the state-run news agency MENA reported.

The advert named “The Children are Ready” is produced by the Israel-based Temple Institute – a non-profit educational and religious organization which promotes the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon – and begins by showing an Israeli family on the beach.

The family is playfully running on the beach; the children build an elaborate sand castle, or temple, while a man, presumed to be their father, sits to read a newspaper.
But after they build the temple and to look at it, the father throws the newspaper. It falls at his feet, clearly showing an image of Mursi on the page. ..

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