Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Errror In NYTimes Romney Claim

Here's how the NYTimes opened its story by Ashley Parker and Richard A. Oppel Jr. (two needed to cover for one Jodi R.?)

JERUSALEM — Mitt Romney offended Palestinian leaders on Monday by suggesting that cultural differences explain why the Israelis are so much more economically successful than Palestinians, thrusting himself again into a volatile issue while on his high-profile overseas trip.

Did you catch the error?



Well, that opening sentence lead-in should have been written

Palestinian leaders claimed Mitt Romney offended them on Monday

That would be fair journalism.  Not every statement is truthful, even if it need be published.  And what one person considers offensive may not be.


P.S.  Read this. And thisThis.

And Seth Mandel.  And Max Boot.


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