Wednesday, July 18, 2012

At the Knesset

I was in the Knesset yesterday and attended a session of the Lobby on Behalf of Israel Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. It is presided over by MK Miri Regev:

Photo credit: YMedad

As you can see, Allan Baker, member of the Levy Report Committee, addressed us and for an hour.  I really did listen:

Photo via Sandra Rejwan

I still have hopes of furthering my suggestion concerning the registering of land that was gifted to local residents by King Hussein and, if nothing was built on it, or if nothing was planted on it and it was not developed in any way, then it must return to the status of "state" or "waste" land and become available the status of the land intended for "close Jewish settlement' as per the Mandate.

This would certainly be a legal conclusion from the Levy Report's findings.


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NormanF said...

From your lips to G-d's ears.

Let's hope Heaven inclines favorably to push Israel's government to turn King Hussein's illicit lands open to future Jewish settlement!

Regardless of whether or not Rabbi Daniel Gordis approves.