Monday, July 16, 2012

Peter Beinart Backs Munayer

The Arab who termed Jewish residency in portions of its national homeland as a cancerous poison [ "when it comes to the peace process we all know the cause of death; unending Israeli colonization—perhaps they will call the next settlement Polonium Adumim"], Yousef Munayyer, is still publishing over at Open Zion. 

Israel in Judea and Samaria is actually worse than South Africa!

From his latest:

...the guise of occupation remains a significant problem and must be brought down anyway. To achieve this end we need to advance new terminology that adequately describes the situation as it is...The most apt description for this situation is Zionist Apartheid. The ‘Zionist’ modifier is crucial because it differentiates between the situation in Israel/Palestine and Afrikaaner Apartheid. [that is so much BS] In both cases, systems of human rights abuses and an unequal distribution of rights were used to ensure a particular group remained politically empowered throughout the territory controlled by the state. Yet both cases also have unique characteristics. For example, South Africa's Apartheid regime did not back an active settlement program to implant white colonists in the black 'homelands’.

...Occupation is an integral part of Zionist Apartheid, but the lexicon of occupation alone does not capture the entire picture. The first step to adequately addressing any problem is understanding it, and the current terminology limits our understanding at best and at worst, confuses it.

If anyone if confusing the reading public it is Beinart who allows this sick individual to spew his perverse worldview.

Liberalism triumphs.


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