Monday, July 30, 2012

Haaretz To Be Sued; Whose Attacking the Media Now?

Reported via Walla (in Hebrew):-

Anat Kam intends to file suit against the newspaper "Haaretz" and Uri Blau, due to it exposing her as the journalist's source announced attorney Ilan Bombach, during an appeal filed up to the Supreme Court against the sentence of four and a half years imposed on her for handing over secret IDF documents to Blau.  However, the claim will be filed only after the appeal decision, which depends on the sentencing Blau at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court, after reaching a plea bargain with the prosecution for possession of confidential information.

And this after all the left/liberal camp attacked us for daring to attack the freedom of the press and cause it

Look who is now calling the kettle black - Kam, the heroine of the anti-occupationists, is suing




NormanF said...

A traitor suing a traitor.

Well Kam and Haaretz truly deserve each other!

Like the old true and trite saying has it, no good deed goes unpunished.

Saul Mashbaum said...

Deciding which of the two, Kam or Blau, is more despicable is a really hard call.
I fully agree that both are essentially traitors.