Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ono or, Gideon Levy Loses It

Yes, Ono.  No, that's not misspelled.

It is, however, a play on the Hebrew word for sexual potency.

On.  און.

This appeared in the Haaretz Weekend "Musaf" Magazine this past Friday. pgs. 62-63, written by Moran Sharir, Haaretz's TV critic

Bear with me as I translate and explain.

First of all, I think these are scenes taken from Gideon Levy's appearance in a reality program called "Linked Up" ( or Attached, in Hebrew: M'chubarim ).

Since it's in Hebrew, the panels proceed from right-to-left remember.

Panel One: Gideon on a couch, it seems, with a women alongside. She's looking a bit peeved.

Panel Two: She says, "It's okay, Gideon. Every man has it happen to him at least once in a lifetime."

Panel Three: Gideon says, "You know how it is, I am under much pressure at work.  The heat.  The occupation..."

Panel Four: She's imagining another participant who happens to be Hanoch Daumb, a resident of Elazar in Gush Etzion.

Panel Five: Channel 10 newscaster announces "Today in Hebron a Palestinian child was shot by IDF forces."

Panel Six: "After an hour and a half...." with Gideon grinning.

Use your imagination.

In any case, after the clip where Gideon's son argues with him, that he is rigid-thinking but finally gets him to admit that an Arab who fires off a Qassam should be killed, the son, Uri, says: "At least once, publish a column that you're satisfied with our soldiers." -

here is saying, and it's in English,to his Swedish girlfriend: "I need a challenge in my life...either to write a book or another intifada." -

Has Gideon Levy lost his charm?


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