Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Temple Mount Sensitivity

My JPost blog post on the Temple Mount sensitivity and legal issues.


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NormanF said...

Michael Ben Ari doesn't look kindly on Christian missionaries sending him their Bible and I happen to agree with him.

As for the Temple Mount...the "sensitivity" issue is the same side of the coin. What both incidents have in common is no one is expected to be "sensitive" towards Jews and their rights but the Jews are always expected to be considerate of others.

In the Orwellian name of "sensitivity" this is how Jewish prayer came to be banned on the Temple Mount. The only country in the world that arrests Jews for praying there.... is Israel.

And there is no outrage from so-called humanitarians over the denial to the Jews of basic religious freedoms they can take for granted in any Western country in which they happen to live.

Only in Israel is that not seen as odd. And yours truly does not look very kindly on it at all!