Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How One Arranges a Pallywood Performance

From Pierre Rehov:-

From one provocation to another;from one death to another. Tragedy settles in. And the world is convinced that the Jew, and only the Jew, carries evil. Nothing new here.

I will conclude this column I am sending you with a little anecdote, I have already told you and you did not believe.

While I was shooting “The Road to Jenin” (which was broadcast again last week on Arutz 1, to commemorate the battle), and, to please my Palestinian fixer (it was also a matter of survival) I was hypocritically singing Talal’s praise and his scoop, the fixer having taken a liking to me asked me if I “could be interested in a similar case”, claiming it could be arranged if I had available means. You did not believe my story. For my part, I refused to have a child killed so as to make me famous and to advance the Palestinian cause.

To compensate, my fixer was kind enough to arrange the false testimony of a Palestinian woman who was supposed to have given birth at a checkpoint, because of the wicked IDF soldiers. This false testimony, and its preparation, including the intervention of the doctor who made her repeat her lines, are an integral part of this film that I sent you and I recommend you should watch.


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