Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Israeli's Fractured English

Friday I was watching the NCIS show on a METV channel.

Seems it was the Playing With Fire episode.

It highlighted a problem with English Israelis have.

The Israeli former Mossad character, Ziva David, played by Coté de Pablo and her partner, have visited a suspect's wife.

After interviewing her, and she turns out to be an angry woman in the midst of a divorce, Ziva says to her partner,

"that's one angry screw"

and her partner DiNozzo says, 



“You know, a woman with a bad temper."
And she is told
"Ziva, the word is shrew".



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Anonymous said...

, "You never went to the bar, you stayed home playing with yourselves ... I mean, with each other."

Lost at Sea, Season 10, 4