Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No. No. No. And No.

From the Hebrew report:

אסור להם לעצום עיניים, להתנדנד, להוציא פתק מהכיס


Jews within the Temple Mount precincts now, on police orders can neither close their eyes, schuckle (a swaying and/or rocking movement), or remove any piece of paper from their pockets.

That is in addition to the no praying, no reading from a Bible or Psalter and no prostations that are prohibited therein. Background here and the Chief Rabbinate's position.

Even Fodors Guide knows what's important:

The swaying and praying of the devout reveal the powerful hold this place still has on the hearts and minds of many Jews.

That was in relation to the Kotel.

Do you suggest we go to court?

Won't help.  The court agrees jews have the basic right to express respect through prayer but hinge that on a rquired police permission for fear of "distrubance to the public order".

Since the Muslims simply need but to threaten to riot and throw stones, although they do that, too, and the police prohibit entry, there goes prayer.

And swaying.

And closing one's eyes.

Playing soccer, however, might be allowed -


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