Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sex, Smoke and the BBC

I just can't wait for the Israeli version*.

Never think of the BBC as staid:-

Tales of stars having sex on work premises, strong 'herbal smells' wafting down corridors and presenters appearing in front of the camera 'stoned out of their minds', are all set to feature in a revealing documentary about BBC Television Centre. According to a new BBC4 documentary, 'Lights! Camera! Action! Tales of Television Centre' – some Play School presenters even went in front of the camera after smoking "the biggest joint you've ever seen".

Presenter Johnny Ball told the documentary team that two of his co-stars shot a nativity scene for children's TV show Play School while stoned..."They were absolutely stoned out of their minds. So when we recorded, who cocked his lines up? Me."

...there were complaints about musicians who "didn't smoke ordinary cigarettes" and said Sir David - then BBC2 controller - complained about the "herbal smell" in the corridor...The programme also reveals what went on in some of the stars' dressing rooms, with former Doctor Who actress Katy Manning, who played Jo Grant, said: "People were bonking all over the BBC. Everybody was doing it on the premises."


In a reflection on her days at the old Kol Israel studio at downtown Jerusalem's Heleni Hamlak St., Rivka Michaeli was asked about staff frolics and said "if the double sound doors at the studios could talk, they'd reveal how much seed was spilled between them."

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