Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Problem

I caught this and, with some disguising, publish it in the name of insanity:

I attended my nephew's bar mitzvah at a very large ____ congregation in _____,  ___ years ago and listened to the rabbi call israel an occupying entity during the sermon. Afterwards, relatives came up and asked what I thought - when I pointed out the problem with that, they had no idea what I was saying. I approached the rabbi after and he asked me what else I would call what israel was doing. I asked him how israel could occupy land to which it had a biblical, historical and legal claim - he responded, "how do you know that? Just b/c it says so in the bible?". The president of the congregation was there and simply tried to change the subject without addressing that response from the rabbi of his shul who influences thousands of families.

Think about that.


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