Friday, May 11, 2012

Mulling Emily

Emily Amrousi asks a good question:

Why are efforts to save the Ulpana neighborhood seen as bypassing the court? Why isn't the court's ruling seen as bypassing the Knesset?

And mulls about: idea in my head for a current affairs show. "The reverse news," my own registered patent, would be a news program that reports on each item twice. For instance, behind the troubling headline that one in 10 Israelis lacks faith in the National Insurance Institute lies an equally dramatic headline: More than 90 percent of Israelis do trust the institution...The reverse news would give viewers a multi-dimensional view of reality, and encourage the art of questioning. Just because things are framed a certain way by those who hold the microphones doesn't make them the absolute truth. The editors of my reverse news program would collapse under the workload during a political week as stormy as this past one...


I knew there was a good reason we're friends.


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