Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First The Sand, Now The Dirt

Yigal Elam has a new book out, in Hebrew, "What Happened Here".

From the blurb:-

The seven essays in this book undermine the basic positions and refutes some of the myths rooted firmly in Jewish history and Zionism, {discusses] the relationship between Zionism and Judaism [and claims there] is a basic contradiction between Zionism and Judaism historical for Zionism could not contain the full Israeli experience, the state, it being complex and open to much more than represented by the Zionist vision...Historical Judaism existed for 2,500 years of exile, not in spite of exile, but through the Diaspora...In the opening article the author attempts to present balanced overview as possible of Arab - Israeli conflict and Israel's achievements in the first sixty years. The resulting image carries an optimistic message after all...

In Sand's footsteps, a bit.

First the "sand", then the "dirt"?


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