Wednesday, May 09, 2012

When A Press Conference Is Too 'Open-Miked'

From a report on the Sacha Baron Cohen's new film promotion with the press:

On his military uniform, supposedly made by disgraced Christian Dior designer John Galliano, who was charged with anti-Semitic hate speech in France:

“Well, I love Galliano. Say what you want about his avante-garde style and his fashion approach, but the guy does hate Jews.”

When an Israeli journalist stepped to the mic for the last question, Cohen demanded to see the man's circumcision as proof of his Judaism.

“As long as you write good reviews, your families will be released,” he said before storming off the stage, his comely security guards in tow.

At 2 minutes or so in the clip there, he takes down the UN over inaction to Syria - "remember, you can always do less".


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