Monday, May 28, 2012

Rebbe Nahman's Eretz-Yisrael Hasbara

Here is a quotation from Rebb Nahman of Bratzlav (who died in 1810) which posits a core principle of modern Hasbara, that one needs to assert rights, even if only verbally:

Despite our land and inheritance being stolen by non-Jews
and we have not the power to remove it from their hands,
due to a fault of ours,
we pray and we shout out that
the Land of Israel is ours and is our patrimony
and that is our response to the Other Side,
the possession of non-Jews is not a valid possession
the Land of Israel is ours and in the end,
we will extract it from their hands.
With God's help.


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aparatchik said...

What language was that originally written in? I don't know much Hebrew but I see some Hebrew words in there. Then again, modern Hebrew wasn't established until the late 1800s or so. Is this the original quote or is it a translation into Hebrew?