Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teitel's Confession Justifies My Supposition


Jack Teitel, known by some as the "Jewish terrorist," confessed to the murders of two Palestinians and to a string of other serious crimes at the Jerusalem Municipal Court on Monday...Teitel, 31, a Florida-born Orthodox Jew who moved to Israel in 2000, has admitted comitting a series of crimes, including the murders of a Palestinian taxi driver and a Palestinian shepherd in 1997, a number of bombings and attempted bombings in 2006-7, placing an explosive device at the doorstep of Israel Prize winner Professor Zeev Sternhell in 2008...<

I had several comments at the time of that explosion (like here) and an analysis of the leaflet where I made these observations among others:

- The signature "the Army of the Statist Liberators" is ridiculous. The whole concept of ממלכתי, i.e., supporting the state is anathema to the radical natioanlist right.

- The state of Israel is described as the "dream" (חלום) of the past 2000 years. Religious/nationalists would use the word "vision" (חזון).

- A youngster who has actually served in the army would use תת-מקלעים or straight out קלצ'ניקובים - Klatchnikovs.

- The use of the Hebrew term for "Palestinians" is פלשתינאים which is not usual. Either פלסטינים or ערבים - Arabs would have been used.

- The inclusion of "sins" of the state of Israel of abortion encouragement would indicate Hareidi groups, not nationalists.

- The same for the inclusion of encouragement of "gay pride parades".

- The use of מלכות יהודה - Kingdon of Judea instead of the Kahanist demand for מדינת יהודה - State of Judea also indicates to me Hareidi or GSS composition.

I had surmised either an outright provocation or an Anglo, more Hareidi, older immigrant.

Something is fishy.

I was right.

Here is how Professor Avner DeShalit responded at the time:

we must not get carried away into making collective accusations. The attempt to harm Prof. Sternhell was not carried out by "the right" or "the settlers." But even if a "small handful" or "extremists" are responsible for it, it serves as a sad example of the state of Israeli society on the eve of Rosh Hashanah 5769 and testifies to the prevailing atmosphere.

But there was no "prevailing atmosphere" since except for Teitel, no one was prevailed upon to act illegally and in a violent manner as a result of education and ideology.


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