Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How The Media Gets You to Tell Their Story

From a Dror Eydar column, "The problem with Israel's media" :-

So, Mr. Arnon Giladi, deputy mayor of Tel Aviv, do you condemn the "Sagi throws an egg at a Sudanese guy" video, or don't you? This is what a reporter asked him after a video surfaced depicting a man laughing while throwing an egg at an African migrant on a bicycle. Giladi replied that the question served to divert attention from the main issue and that the interviewer was ignoring the bigger picture. "Do you condemn it or not?" the reported persisted. "Do you know what hell the residents are going through?" Giladi responded. Mr. Giladi, the question is simple: Do you, or don't you, condemn it?

...members of our society are acting like some kind of religious cult that crucifies its heretics on the media cross...let me answer the reporter on your behalf:

'I refuse to play along with your hypocritical game, because you cast doubt on the purity of my intentions and assume that it is basic racism that motivates me to protect residents and deport the economic migrants back to their native countries. What did you think? That I want to abuse foreigners? How dare you?

...In the Book of Daniel the phenomenon is known as "brought accusation against the Jews," which refers to the Chaldeans ratting out and incriminating Jews. But in modern day speak the phrase has come to refer to Jews incriminating their brothers to other nations. The act is accompanied by a wink, as if to say "we are different, better than them." In today's Hebrew it's known as scoring moral points on the hunched, burdened backs of the residents of south Tel Aviv.


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