Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Pals.' Internationalists...of 1948

Sternist Leader in U.S. Names Two Britons Responsible for Last Month’s Jerusalem Bombing

NEW YORK, Mar. 16 (JTA) – The names of two British Palestine police deserters charged with responsibility for the Ben Yehuda Street bombing in Jerusalem February 22, in which 54 Jews lost their lives, were today made public by "David Yardeni," self-styled head of the Stern Group in the United States. Speaking at a press conference, the Sternist leader said the two Britons were George Ross, 24, and George Anthony White, 21.

"Yardeni," who admitted that was not his real name, said that Sternists who occupied a British police station discovered photos of British police deserters among whom were Ross and White. He said that eyewitnesses "positively identified the two as having participated in the bombing outrage. [see p. 76 here]

He also stated that Arabs in Palestine were using Moslem houses of worship as sniping posts and warned that the Sternists will not respect the sacredness of the mosques if snipers are found operating from them. "Yerdeni" [sic] said he was a deputy commander in the Stern Group, and is working in the United States with the American Friends of the Fighters far the Freedom of Israel.
By the way, two of them were killed while attempting to defuse a truck-bomb headed for Shchem by the Lechi.

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