Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Two Banks of (The) Jordan

Alerted to this following item by EOZ, I was amused as it recalled to me that when her name - and chest - came across my screen, my first reaction was the Betar song composed by Ze'ev Jabotinsky, "Two Banks Hath The Jordan".  Except with Katie Price it is "Two Banks has Jordan".

Here she is (but not in the Jordan River):-

Here it is - and it is a spoof:

AMMAN: British Glamour model and renowned children’s author Katie Price yesterday issued a warning to government officials in Amman over the name ‘Jordan’, claiming that her celebrity profile was now enough to secure its full global trademark.


“I can’t believe that them Jordanese folk have been using my name for so long,” the disgusted model told reporters yesterday at the launch of her own range of charcoal, or weapons-grade plutonium or something, before going on to describe the time when she first found out.

“I hadn’t not never heard of it before, then one of my nan’s friends said she going [to] Jordan on holiday and knew she wasn’t not talking about me.”

Katie Price’s solicitors, Bed, Knobs & Broomsticks, are claiming that, with 185 autobiographies and 65 reality TV shows already under her belt, the model has a far greater international connection to the name ‘Jordan’ than the country of Jordan, which has so far only been the setting for Laurence [sic] of Arabia and a few rubbisher films.

“We strongly feel that Jordan is using the fame and enormous goodwill of Jordan’s name to attract people to its country,” they said in a statement, adding that they were calling for “damages of $1 billion or an immediate cessation of the name ‘Jordan’ by King Abdullah and his fellow countrymen”.

Imagine if it turns out that Ms. Price is actually a transgender.underwent a sex-change operation.

Would we then call her "TransJordan"?

However, the real punchline though is that her maternal grandmother was Jewish and her real family name is Infield.  She's one of the tribe.

By the way, she has adopted the principle of territorial compromise having reduced her bra size.


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Anonymous said...

Two banks of Jordan - the Jordan Commercial Bank and Bank of Jordan PLC.