Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here Come the Peasants

As alerted by INN:-

From the State Department daily press briefing yesterday:

QUESTION: Palestinian and Israelis?


QUESTION: Could you give us the status of what Mr. Hale is doing?

MS. NULAND: I think I had mentioned that I thought he was going to travel this week. It now looks like it will be probably another ten days. But he is continuing to work with the Quartet members. He’s continuing to work with the parties on the phone and remaining in touch and trying to build on, as I said, this exchange of letters that the President and prime minister have had.

QUESTION: Are you aware of increased assaults by the settlers on the Palestinian peasants, destroying their crops, and in fact, injuring them, shooting them – one is in a very serious condition. Are you aware of these activities?

MS. NULAND: I didn’t have any new information today, but I think you know where we’ve traditionally been on these issues.

I should say that the Secretary did have a chance to talk to Foreign Minister Judeh today. As you know, the Jordanians have played a regular role and the foreign minister has played a role in trying to facilitate dialogue between the parties. So they were able to touch base there.

QUESTION: Like I asked last week, Mr. Abbas seems to be waiting on some new American ideas, but he also made another statement saying that these new ideas are not forthcoming. The Palestinians would no choice but to pursue their activities at the United Nations. Do you have any comment on that?

MS. NULAND: Just the same comment that we’ve had all the way through, which is going back to the UN is not going to bring peace, security, or a state to the Palestinian people. Only through negotiations are we going to get there, and that’s why we want to get folks back to the table.


Is that neo-Marxist dogma talk?

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