Friday, May 11, 2012

Have They Set A Record?

According to The Telegraph:

...of the 1,600 inmates now refusing food...The International Committee of the Red Cross said this week that the six inmates who have declined sustenance the longest are "at imminent risk of dying".

None of the six, who have all been admitted to prison hospitals, has eaten for the past 50 days. But the greatest concern is directed at two men, Thaer Halahleh and Bilal Diab. By Thursday, both men had refused food for 74 days, one more than managed by Kieran Doherty, the longest surviving of the 10 Irish militants who died during the Maze Prison hunger strike of 1981. Bobby Sands, the best known of the prisoners and the first to die, succumbed after 66 days.
So, is that a new record?

But more to the point, is the Telegraph, whose headline reads:

Israel facing major West Bank uprising over Palestinian hunger strike

contradicting Haaretz or what?


The Palestinians are not battling with Israel, but with their apathy

Despite the diplomatic stalemate and the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners in Israel, the residents of the West Bank do not seem interested in a violent protest.

Who do you trust?

Will violence break out?


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