Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Star of David Follow-up on Sarah Palin

Remember my Sarah Palin 'Star of David' post?

Well, her adversaries were upset:-

Some American Jews, like Rabbi Jeffrey Falick of, feel that Palin is merely in Israel "for her own gain, unrelated to the best interests of Jews, Palestinians or anyone else in the region." Falick, for one, wishes that Palin would "take off" the star.

The Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan posted a response from a reader echoing Falick's sentiments: "I don't know if there [are] rules about this, but as a Jew, I find it offensive that Sarah Palin is out wearing a Star of David."

The Washington Post got up a slideshow of politicians at the Western Wall but Palin went to the tunnels, not the outside wall and she went to see the "cornerstone" element, not the regular "take-my-picture-at-the-wall" visit.  Which is indicative of a depth of feeling and identification that is different.



Anonymous said...

"Atheist Rabbi" has the chutzpah to comment on a Star of David?

Dr. Rona Michelson said...

Sarah Palin has been a strong and consistent supporter of Israel for years. Her identification with Israel in times when the world has turned hostile is not just welcome, but praiseworthy.