Monday, March 21, 2011

Foulmouth Falk Faults Israel

The transcript of Mr. Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories at the PALAIS DES NATIONS, GENEVA SWITZERLAND,

“As the report illustrates the continued pattern of settlement expansion in East Jerusalem combined with forceful eviction of long residing Palestinians are creating an intolerable situation that can only be described in its cumulative impact, as a form of ethnic cleansing.”

“Since 2007, Israel has closed three of Gaza’s four commercial crossings. Currently Israel is allowing 40 percent of Gaza’s need for incoming trucks, and just 1 percent of its outgoing needs, despite promises to lift the ban on exports. The continuing ban on export and on desperately needed construction material is preventing Gaza’s economy from recovering and is keeping its factory and construction workers unemployed and dependant on international assistance. At the present time the Gaza unemployment rate for 2011 is 45 percent, one of the highest in the world. It is not an exaggeration to report that a continuing humanitarian crisis exists in Gaza.”

Falk himself is an exaggeration but, of course, besides the lies in his statement, it is the Arabs who have accomplished ethnic cleansing of Jews from their homes prior to, during and after the Mandate period and attempted to eradicate Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973, with the fedyeen, PLO, Hamas and Hezbollah thrown in.


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