Monday, March 28, 2011

Settlement Dispute Made Easy

Between the US and Canada, settlement disputes are easy:

Dispute Settlement

The vast majority of U.S.-Canada trade occurs seamlessly and without need for government intervention. Given the size of the trade relationship, it is not surprising that some areas of dispute arise between the governments and citizens of the two countries. If these disputes cannot be settled through bilateral negotiations, there is recourse though the NAFTA and the WTO to deal with complaints by governments, businesses and investors.

When disputes occur, NAFTA directs those concerned to try to resolve their differences first through consultation. If no mutually acceptable solution is found, NAFTA provides for specific formal mechanisms. For example, Chapter 11 of the NAFTA provides a process to deal with complaints of investors who feel they have been treated unfairly by NAFTA Member states. For more information on the status of Chapter 11 investor-state arbitration, click here.


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