Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Will the Kabbalah Kutie Be Creamed?


Madonna‘s “religion” and the main object of her charity giving, the Kabbalah Centre, is being investigated by the IRS. Sources tell me that a federal grand jury has been convened to ask questions about the organization...The targets of the investigation, sources tell me, are the Kabbalah Centre, Raising Malawi, and the Berg family–mother Karen and sons Yehuda and Michael, who own the company. Madonna, they say, is aware of the grand jury...In 2008-2009, she donated $2.5 million to them.

...As I told you this weekend, the Kabbalah Centre is being sued in Los Angeles for $20 million by Courtenay Geddes, a wealthy donor who claims now that she was swindled by the Centre and the Bergs. Madonna is being sued in Malawi by the board of directors of her cancelled school project for Raising Malawi, her charitable effort there with the Kabbalah Centre


Carly Sullivan of the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan said the office could neither confirm or deny anything about grand jury proceedings.

Is she praying hard?

More info & background here.


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