Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At Least There's Agreement That Rocks Were Thrown


...police received an initial report shortly before midday of shots having been fired at two Palestinians who allegedly threw rocks at Israeli vehicles. Elhaded said an Israeli motorist targeted by the rocks had fired the shots.  The driver reported the incident and was set to be questioned over the incident.

The two Palestinians were lightly injured by the gunfire and evacuated to a Palestinian hospital.

The Palestinian Authority’s Government Media Center in the office of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, however, issued a very different take...they had been walking in a funeral procession when they were shot. Sarit Michaeli of the rights organization B’Tselem said that according to witnesses interviewed by the group, stones had indeed been thrown at Israeli vehicles on that road, but not by the victims of the shooting, who were taking part in a funeral.

Michaeli added, however, that these were preliminary reports, and the full details of the incident were still unknown...


a) Arabs were attempting to kill or maim Jews;
b) B'Tselem's rep is wary of trusting the Arab version;
c) B'Tselem seems to limit 'rights' to Arabs only;
d) the driver who fired the shots, in reporting the incident, obviously felt he had nothing to hide.



Elaine Verlac said...

Do you not read the different articles you post? You seem to be missing a huge picture, sir. The fact that rock were thrown compared to the law that Israeli soldiers are not allowed to stop any shooting towards Palestinians. Or wait thats justified by the Talmud cause were all gentiles and there's no way we can't be part of the chosen people.

YMedad said...

Dearie, there is no law like that. On what planet do you live, even if you seem not to be Jewish but you can choose to become Jewish if you want as you seem to be very jealous of us.