Monday, March 21, 2011

Temple Mount - 1859

Photograph of Gabriel de Rumine:

A more modern view:

and as a Hamas in Gaza backdrop:


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Henoch said...

I hate this golden pimple/boil in Jerusalem's beautiful landscape. It has written in arabic - on top where the holy of hollies was - : God has no son! A constant insult! I have seen this thing, march 2010 when I was blessed to go to Israël and stayed in Jerusalem. The beautiful thing was, I am disabled from birth, severely handicapped and in an electric wheelchair, and allthough all difficulties I went into El-Al airplane and visited the Land and the People I love so much! High-point: to pray and to intercede at the Kotel. Oh what grace of G_d it was to be there for 10 days! Lord willing I will come again, if He will give me the strength and financial provision. I am very happy with my Blog to do something for Israël and against antismitism and the biased media.

Be blessed and Shalom!