Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not Only Not "Pro-Israel", J Street Is "Anti-J Street"

J Street and its allies are up-in-arms, oops, up-in-words about a Knesset committee 'hearing' devoted to it and its activities. It'll be held at a session of the Immigration and Diaspora Affairs Committee today.

So what does J Street do?

Well, as the JPost reports:

J Street’s opposition to a congressional letter criticizing Palestinian incitement has led more members to sign on, according to Hill sources tracking the issue. The letter to US President Obama...charges that “Palestinian incitement continues and there is almost no effort by them to promote coexistence and peace.”

...In response, J Street sent an email to members of the US House urging them not to sign it and issued a statement attacking the its contents as “containing material omissions and misrepresentations of fact and presenting a biased and inaccurate picture.” The statement specifically criticizes the letter for not acknowledging the PA leadership’s efforts to end incitement and blaming incitement for the impasse in peace talks.

...“J Street’s opposition to the Rothman-Austria letter has only increased the willingness of members to sign on. It begs the question of what are J Street’s goals,” said one congressional staffer. “If J Street’s goals are to have fewer people sign onto the letter, they’ve already failed.”

Real dumb, that.

And see this from today's Knesset committee session.

Oh, and this:

Are the Palestinians Ready for Peace?

Palestinian Incitement as a Violation of International Legal Norms
Alan Baker

• Genuine peace between peoples requires far more than signed agreements. It requires bona fide mutual trust, respect, and a psyche of peace to prevail throughout all levels of society, and must emanate from the leadership.

• Tragically, the extreme anti-Israel and anti-Semitic indoctrination that is so pervasive in all levels of Palestinian society has inevitably led to violence and terror, and serves to undermine any hope for peaceful relations between the two peoples.

• Officially-sanctioned and encouraged incitement against Israel and against Jews has become a central theme in all spheres of Palestinian society, whether religious, cultural or in the education field. This inevitably results in violence and terror against Israel and its citizens.

• The Palestinians are committed in the agreements with Israel to act to prevent incitement. Nevertheless, the Palestinian leadership continues to glorify terrorists as role models for Palestinian youth and encourage hostility and hatred toward Israel.

• The Palestinian leadership cannot come with clean hands to the international community to ostensibly call for peace while at the same time undermining any hope for peace through incitement to terror.
And this, too, by Dore Gold.



Anonymous said...

"requires bona fide mutual trust, respect"

You are incoherent. How can you have peace when Jews like you decide Palestinians don't deserve basic rights such as the right of democratic representation?

YMedad said...

thanks for your absolutely scintillating comment.

it's always been up to Arabs to accept the right we have to reconstitute our national home. no compromise was acceptable to them and os they keep the conflict going. talk to them.