Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mitch Bard Has A Good Idea

In an opinion piece at Fox, Mitch Bard notes that

It is ironic that Arabs are fighting for freedom across the region, but the Palestinians continue to tolerate a leadership that denies them freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and the press and denies rights to women and gays.

and that

The Obama administration continues to support a Palestinian regime that is no less ruthless and undemocratic than those we are now opposing throughout the region.

and suggests:

It is time for the United States to demand that the Palestinians implement democratic reforms and put an end to the culture of incitement that leads to the horrific murder of Jewish children and their parents in their beds, attacks on public buses and rocket attacks on playgrounds and kindergartens. International tolerance of this behavior over the years has given Palestinians reason to believe terror is the way to achieve their goals.

...The president should be clear and unequivocal, something he has had trouble doing both with the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the turmoil in the rest of the region. He should declare that the obstacle to peace is a Palestinian leadership that is undemocratic and represses its people, that refuses to compromise or negotiate, that is unwilling to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish democratic state and that engages in incitement and terror that is perpetuating the conflict. Like the other despotic leaders in the region, they must either change or they must go.

That seems to be a very good idea.

As long as Hamas, like its counter in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, doesn't majke a grab in a period of political vacumm.


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