Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Watch Your Rear-End on J Street

More J Street humor:

Q: I drive the Fifth Street bridge daily from Yuba City to Marysville to work and it seems there's always a rear-end collision on the Marysville side approaching the signal at J Street, especially in the morning. Is this the most dangerous intersection in Marysville? Is there any other intersection in Marysville with more accidents in the last three years?

A: Your take on the Fifth and J intersection is radically different from that of Marysville Police Department Traffic Officer Richard Seghieri, who called it "one of the safest in the city." Last year there were just five documented collisions there, he said.

Seghieri added the proviso that officers have discretion when it comes to indicating exactly where a collision happens. If a car speeds east over the Fifth Street bridge and rear-ends a car at Olive Street (that's the short street that goes north toward Mountain Mike's Pizza, a half-block west of the intersection), that might not be counted in the Fifth and J statistics, he said.



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