Monday, March 21, 2011

Eden Abergil, Meet GI Joe

Remember the stories of Israseli soldiers posing with prisoners?

Well, that's nothing to what US soldiers or what they are calling a "kill team" supposedly did:

...The lengthy [Der] Spiegel article that accompanies the photographs contains new details about the sadistic behaviour of the men.

In one incident in May last year, the article says, during a patrol, the team apprehended a mullah who was standing by the road and took him into a ditch where they made him kneel down.

The group's leader, Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs, then allegedly threw a grenade at the man while an order was given for him to be shot.

Afterwards, Gibbs is described cutting off one of the man's little fingers and removing a tooth.

The patrol team later claimed to their superiors that the mullah had tried to threaten them with a grenade and that they had no choice but to shoot...


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