Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's "BibiEhud"

I saw this ad in the newspaper but only came across it on the Internet now:

That's "BibiEhud" there or Ehud Netanyahu.

The ad is sponsored by the Mateh Meshutaf, Kommemiyut and the Residents Actions Committees of Benjamin and Samaria.  It zeros in on four major themes: security, residency in the Land of Israel, losing the way and peace and portrays Netanyahu permitting Ehud Barak to undermine his fundamental positions and sabotage the right-of-center nationalist platform on which he won the last election.  His staff is also seen as fawning before Barak.

The message: The Likud Government Must Separate from Ehud Barak.



Eliyahu S. said...

I saw a related poster in this series tonight on my way home, and photographed it. (Sorry, my cellphone's camera isn't the best.) I'll email it to you....

Henoch said...

Txs, did put it on our blog: http://eczp.blogspot.com/2011/03/its-bibiehud.html