Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NYTimes vs. Washington Post

Thanks to DG:-

Yesterday in response to continue rocket and mortar fire the IDF responded striking at positions where terrorists had been. Which newspaper reported the following essential information?

Relatives and neighbors were unusually open about the fact that the Israeli mortar attack was an attempt to hit militants firing rockets from the nearby grove.

“We heard the sound of four mortars being fired by militants from a grove just beyond our house,” said Hassan, the older brother of Mohammed Harrara. “A few minutes later, the Israeli shells landed in the area.”

It was in Fares Akram's report in the New York Times.

By the way the Times headlined the report with "Israeli Attack on Gaza Militants Kills 4 Civilians," which is more accurate than the Washington Post's Palestinian civilians and 4 militants killed by Israeli fire in Gaza.


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