Thursday, March 24, 2011

These Are The Morals & Values of The Arabs of the Former Palestine Mandate Territory




Anonymous said...

And here is what Israel does to civilians

YMedad said...

and disciplinary action was taken:

February 1, 2010

Israel said this weekend that two senior military officers were reprimanded for their role in the war in Gaza last year, in particular for their involvement in the highly controversial use of white phosphorus.

and what do the Pals. do today?

"JENIN (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority released on Thursday two West Bank leaders of the Islamic Jihad movement who were detained Wednesday in connection with a bombing that killed a British citizen in Jerusalem.

Khaled Jaradat and Tareq Qa'dan were detained for several hours but released due to lack of evidence, Qa'dan told Ma'an. He said that "there was no direct reason for the arrest."

Walid Badad, an official from the Islamic and national factions in Jenin, said the release came after a meeting in which factions "affirmed the prohibition against politically motivated arrests."