Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's An Issue of Zoning


Sarah Palin on Wednesday night hammered President Obama for not standing strongly enough behind Israel, conceding too much to the Palestinians, and interfering in a local “zoning issue” – settlement building on the West Bank.

“I think there are many in Israel who would feel even more comfortable knowing that there is an even greater commitment from those who presently occupy the White House that they are there on Israel's side, and that our most valuable ally in that region can count on us,” Palin told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren in an interview in Naples, Florida.
...Palin struck a pro-Israel tone saying, if she were president, she would take an opposite approach to Obama and stay out of Israel’s way regarding settlements in the West Bank, and take a harder line with Palistineans.

“President Obama was inappropriate to intervene in a zoning issue in Israel,” she said, referring to settlement building on the West Bank. "Let Israel decide their zoning issues themselves.”

Palin said the current administration concedes too much to Palestinians. “Why is it in that the past, too often, the U.S. government has told Israel that they’re the ones, the Jewish community, that they need to back up, they need to back off or there will never be peace,” she said. “Why aren’t we putting our foot down with the other side and telling the Palestinians, If you’re serious about peace, quit the shellacking and the shelling. Quit the bombing of innocent Israelis.”’”

Something I caught which wasn't in the release by Fox:

Palin is asked about the fact that the Israelis have asked our help (implying that if we get help then we are beholden to the US to the extent that we shouldn't do what we want or need to do or should be allowed to do) and Palin answers: "let them build", at around 11:15. "Pesident Obama didn't want to see that allowance of building, and I would have taken the opposite approach".

She adds "Israel facing concession after concession, threat after threat".

I hope there's a transcript around.
You can see the clip here (k/t= Cheryl Lewin).
The Israel theme begins at approximately 9:40.



Anonymous said...

It's an issue of international law. YESHA is illegal.

Palin is at best a marginal figure.

Anonymous said...

hey anon,

international law is a farce..

and i suggest you watch the bbc interview with ym, in which he shows how it is a farce when it comes to the towns built on the west bank

it is also against international law to plant bombs in phone booths in order to kill civilians

you jew hating bastard

as for the same interview, she said that america should not be in the biz of nation building....i would like to know where she was during the 8 years of bush

Anonymous said...

"i would like to know where she was during the 8 years of bush"

Easy. She was in Alaska, busy being a mayor, an Energy Commissioner and finally a Governor.

At that time, nobody knew her, except in her remote State, so I don't see the point in criticizing her for not chiming in on Bush's policies.