Monday, March 28, 2011

New Series of Wall Posters

For those new at my blog, among other interests, I amm fascinated by the "wall poster" media of the Hareidi community. They are known as pashk'villim and announce warnings related to behavior and moral practice and deall with bans, excommunications, deaths, and other news.

a)  The boys who attacked the Spiced store, damaging it for selling immoral merchandise, are now in police custody and the store owner is being berated for causing them trouble:

b) again against video clips and films:

c) burial sites were empitied near the railline of Ramleh-Lod over Shabbat, it is claimed:

d) educational institutions should have nothing to do with the Zionist establishment like building a school unless they have bought it absolutely:



Marilyn Monroe Posters said...


these kind of posters looks good. What I wanted to ask you, is what kind of script is this? Looks like some kind of Asian scripts..

Anonymous said...

Is this guy a total schlemeil?