Thursday, March 24, 2011

Psssst. Wanna See The Face of a Terrorist?

Here is a poster for the new Miral film which perverts history:

If you want to see real terrorists, females, some pretty, go here.

By the way, the mistress of the orphan home in the film, you'd never know, was the sister of the Grand Mufti. You know, the guy who collaborated with the Nazis and actually managed to have the immigration of thousands of young Jews to Mandate Palestine halted. Nice brother, there, Hind.


What about Leila Khaled?


EOZ acceded to my suggestion:



Anonymous said...

if you have an hour and a half of time to kill..the above is a link to the movie...dvd cut

its slow, boring, disjointed....and guess what? all israelis are evil, and except for miral's pedophile grandpa...all arabs are saintly

and boy does it play with history...starting in the opening scene, with the arabs being referred to as palestinians....pre 48....not even the promise had the audacity to do that

really no worries...the movie will be in theaters in america for 2 weeks really is that bad

it will sell in the arab world, as well as the eu, and to all the leftists in america...but the weinstein group is gonna lose a bundle on this farce.

hannah bacharach said...

I've read a lot about the film (and Schnabel). All of it gets me extremely upset. I had never heard she was the Grand Mufti's sister. In the movie doe she denounce or support him?

YMedad said...