Thursday, March 31, 2011

Congressman Grimm on Pollard



Anonymous said...

Grimm is a bit of a lowbrow, but he was right twice: joining the Republican party and now calling for Pollard to be released. But Grimm proves he's still clueless when he says Pollard should be able to "return to Israel". Pollard may have spied for Israel, but he's an American, born and bred.

YMedad said...

Between you and me, I don't now hopw many politicians are really hig-brow, maybe 15% but to the issue, as he just met Pollard [perahps Jay said to him that it is his wish to go to Israel and since Jews "return" to Israsel as a matter of historical imperative, that's the verb. His wife is there, he accepted Israeli citzenship and Jews return to Israel all the time. Maybe one of the conditions are that,, ocne pardoned, he leave the US.