Monday, March 28, 2011

An Example of a Simple Lie

Amira Hass writes of her concern for the forces arrayed against an Arab activist who leads the protests at Nebi Salah which is the village neighboring Neveh Tzuf.

I will not go into the rights and wrongs this time but will illustrate how easy it is to lie in the media, by a media person.

Amira writes of the

Huge quantities of tear gas, rubber-coated bullets flying between buildings, gas canisters with (illegally ) extended ranges, beatings, shovings and home invasions - this is what the Israel Defense Forces employs against the small village of 500.

"Small David" did she mean?

Only 500?

Or, as we all know, hundreds of outsiders - Israeli anarchists, Gush Shalom persons, internationalists, Fatah activists, etc. - all come for the "campaign". Just check out the video clips\ and here.

I know. You can dismiss that as "big deal". But I see it as creeping propaganda. A little lie. A small perversion of the truth. It all adds up.


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