Friday, March 11, 2011

Jon Stewart Presumes My Community is a "Terrorist Plot"?

Jon Stewart at 2:10:

“Wow. It’s not enough for US Muslims to be law-abiding. To avoid Congressional investigation, they have to be actively stopping terror plots.” [Then Jon pauses, and his hand flies to his mouth.] “Oh my God,” he says. “Wait until they find out I’ve done nothing to stop the West Bank settlements!”

Jon, there's nothing wrong with helping us.  Not illegal and far from any "terror plot".

My home is in the area international law decided should be part of the reconsituted Jewish national home.  The United States supported that decision.  The Arabs rejected it and always rejected it and when a territorial compromise solution was proposed as the "partition plan" in 1947, they rejected it and their rejection was always violent, from 1920 (and before) until today.

So, if there is terror, it is Arab and they need to solve their terror inclination.

Jon, not funny (and not smart nor intelligent nor historically factual).

(k/t: Mondo)


Daniel said...

I suppose Liebowitz did help stop settlements by having gentile children, then again so many Jewish libs do.

Daniel said...

I just returned from Israel visiting my son who is doing agap year in Reishit in Beit Shemesh. I took him to the Begin Center and now he knows and is proud of Begin. I didn' trealize at the time that you worked there. We would have loved to say hi.
I remember vaguely a quote of Begin's that I think he said after his first victory. It was akin to " we don't owe our existence to the UN 30 years ago, but rather to Hashem from mount Sinai. the guide didn't recall the quote. Do you know the exact quote?
How about inviting the Reishit students for an official tour.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you're correct.

Then again, since when has John Liebowitz (aka "John Stewart") ever been funny?