Sunday, March 20, 2011

And There Is Incitement in Jaffa

Over the past 2-3 years, a major incitement campaign has been underway - no, not instigated by the Palestinian Authority against Jewish revenants in Judea and Samaria - but by Jews and Arabs against Jewish residents in Jaffa.


“We have no problem living peacefully with Jewish neighbours,” said Omar Siksik, an Arab councillor representing Jaffa in Tel Aviv’s municipality. “But these Jews are coming here as settlers.

“Like in Hebron, their policy is to weaken us as a population and eventually push us out of our homes,” he said, referring to a West Bank city where an enclave of a few dozen settlers has severely disrupted life for tens of thousands of Palestinians.


"If they come, the community will be polarised," local historian and political activist Sami Abu Shehadeh told the Observer. "Those people that say Jaffa is a model of coexistence will be silenced." Their objective, he claims, is to "Judaise" a mainly Arab neighbourhood.

More background.

And the result?


An Israel Defense Forces soldier was lightly to moderately wounded in a Jaffa stabbing attack on Sunday, in what police say may have been being an attempt to snatch his rifle.

The IDF soldier was approaching Jaffa's Yerushalaim Blvd. during the busy morning hours, when an unknown masked assailant pushed him over and attempted to take away his weapon.

A struggle ensued, which culminated with the assailant stabbing the soldier in the shoulder with an ice pick and running away with the rifle.

The suspect fled the scene, only to quickly dispose of the stolen weapon as soon as civilians began to chase him down the street; the soldier was evacuated to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital in what was defined as moderate to light wounds.

This happened previously:

A group of five Jews was attacked in Jaffa (Yafo) on Saturday night near an ice cream shop. The five, four women and one man, are all IDF soldiers, but they were not wearing their uniforms or carrying weapons. They stopped for ice cream after a day at the beach, they said, and were set upon by ten Arab youths with sticks.

The Arabs began hitting the front windshield of their car and attempted to forcibly drag one person from the car. The Jewish victims managed to drive away, but not before their vehicle sustained damage from the attack.


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