Monday, June 20, 2011

Read The New Book on the Altalena Tragedy

Here's the cover of Jerry Auerbach's latest book:

which is described as:

Brothers at War is Jerold Auerbach’s probing and poignant new exploration of the tragedy of the Altalena, the doomed ship whose arrival in Israel ignited Jewish fratricidal conflict only weeks after the 1948 declaration of statehood. This is the first history of the Altalena by a historian and the first to explore it within the context of ancient Jewish and contemporary Israeli history. The Altalena remains embedded in memory, Auerbach suggests, still framing unresolved issues of political legitimacy in the Jewish State.

At the dawn of the Israeli state, the tragic destruction of the Israeli ship Altalena — by Israeli soldiers no less — threatened to tear the new country apart, and has lessons still for Israeli politics and peace. The first full book in English on this fascinating event, it tells the story, and the present profound implications, of a moment in the birth of modern Israel.

I thank him for mentioning me in the Acknowledgements.

It is a great and important read.

So, read it.


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Juniper in the Desert said...

I was shocked when I read what happened!

BTW, off this topic, I found this about the circumcision debacle, an female lefty kapo is involved: