Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Support the Brody Cemetery Project

As I have written here before, my family on my mother's side is from Brody (and my father's family from Zbaraz) in the former Galicia region, today, west Ukraine. Here's where those cities are:

A new project needs some money and perhaps some of my readers would be interested in supporting this effort:

Dear Brody & Galicia Researchers:

I wrote to you several times—most recently last month—about the new Brody Cemetery project. I thought I would update you on our progress!  Thus far, we raised about 84% of our goal of $4,500 from 36 contributors out of over 300 Brody registered researchers.

As we are so close and believe you will help us make our goal, we went ahead—and contracted with our researcher in the Ukraine who has started the work. The time of the year to do this project is here and we would have missed the window of opportunity if we waited until we achieved 100% of our goal. We took a chance by relying on you donating to achieve our goal, so that we would not have to wait until the spring/summer of 2012 to do the project.

Samples of his initial project work are attached (reduced resolution).

We are so close to our $4,500 target but we need YOUR assistance to make the goal and photograph and index the metzevahs in the new Brody cemetery.

Please consider giving generously today so that the work may continue now!
Donations can be through our JewishGenerosity account on either Gesher Galicia's page:

Or on the Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Records (JOWBR) page:

Please contact me for questions.   Those of you that would like to join the 2nd phase of indexing the photographed data, please contact me.

Ami Elyasaf
Project coordinator


NormanF said...

My own family is from Bukovina. My grandparents were in Chernovtsy. Its true there are only few degrees of separation in this world.

Anonymous said...

How come you have ancestors buried in Ukraine? Didn't they always live in Shiloh ?

YMedad said...

why? well, in 135, for the second time after a revolt from Roman oppression, we Jews lost. many left, weere sold into slavery or tried to hang on. In 352 or so, Julain the Apostate of Byzantine gave us permission to rebuild the Temple but that didn't work out. The Persians conquered us in 614 and then the Arabs did the same in 638 but they decided to throw as many Jews out of the country, discriminate against thyem religiously and economically and we had a hard time getiing back when the Ottoman Empire, starting in 1516 (we won't get into the Crusders who didn't love us nor the Mamelukes who were fanatics), restricted immigration and owning property.

It took the establishmenet of a modern political movement called Zionism to overcome these difficulties.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Where did your family live pre AD70? Was it in Shiloh too? How did you know? Were you able to trace the link to the place through your family name?