Sunday, June 19, 2011

Migron Fights Back

The Migron Community, facing a decision to destroy several homes, has issued this advert in the press:-

The main point raised is that the "facts" and "proof" of private Arab ownership are wrong and false. This action can be continued for other communities.

I do recall that a compromise was offered:

The Truth Behind The Yesha Council's Discussions with The Defense Ministry

The process to which The Yesha Council will agree is one which entails leaving the Migron temporary community exactly where it is today while:

(1) land is found, no more than a few hundred meters from the current location,
(2) plans are made, filed and approved,
(3) infrastructure is built and
(4) permanent homes are erected.

Simultaneously, the verifying of the legal status of the land where the temporary Migron community resides will continue in the court system. Very likely the result will be two legal Jewish communities!

Saying No to Compromise and Surrender. Saying Yes to Building.

No compromise or surrender is being contemplated. Many, many communities in Eretz Yisrael were developed in exactly this way; with residents living in a temporary community while their permanent community is built nearby. In exactly this way Keshet was built and Elon Moreh and Kedumim and Beit El and Beit Horon…and many others. And in this way Migron can see a future realized which includes a large and growing permanent community, something not possible in their current small, restricted location.

Even better, in this case, once Migron residents have moved into their new permanent homes, the temporary site will always remain in Jewish hands, never to be occupied by Arabs, as its strategic importance is clear to all, including The Defense Ministry.

We'll wait and see.


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