Sunday, June 19, 2011

If US Congressmen Are Interested In What The US Consulate Does...

If they are interested in the activities of the US Consulate General in Jerusalem and whether the officials there relate at all to the Jewish residents of the territory it oversees (Judea and Samaria), I would have them check out these items:

Mother’s Day Event in Salfeet

Housing Program in Jerusalem

Women's Issues Roundtable

American musician Bill Kirchen on a Palestinian-American cultural exchange program

Donation of New Book Collection to Mas'ha Children's Library

New water project in Dura
Qalqilya heath project
and this heritage project, and again, and much, much more, all discriminating against Jews, excluding Jews, banning Jews from applying for programs, assistance or finances.  Jews, I fear, are not wanted.
Is that helping peace and coexistence?
Is what they are doing legal by American law?
Can the Consulate adopt exclusionist policies?
What would Congress say?

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