Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wall Posters Cont'd

A new set (I know you've been waiting):

a)  protesting the scheduled Gay Parade (July 28?) too near hareidi neighborhoods (see: "Doitsch said. "We're not in paradise yet," he explained. "Jerusalem is a very sensitive place. We don't expect to have gay pride parades in Mea Sharim [an ultra-orthodox area of that city].  Jerusalem hosts an annual Gay Pride march, which is a much more political event than the Tel Aviv celebration. Homosexuality is unacceptable to both ultra-orthodox Jews and Muslims.")

b)  Women must wear a shawl:

c)  Women really must wear a shawl when going out that covers their upper body:

d)  and in going to the Kotel for dawn prayers on Shavu'ot holiday, it was men via Damascus Gate and women via Jaffa Gate:


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ZaraMart - Kippot said...

"Hashem, bless all my friends and family in what ever it is that You know they may be needing this day! May their lives be full of Your peace, prosperity and power as they seek to have a closer relationship with You. Amen."