Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shooting in Palestine???

You'd presume a line like this

Shooting on "The Promised Land" is slated to begin this fall on location in Palestine.

would raise concern.

It really did appear -

A.  Where is this 'Palestine'?

B.  Isn't there enough shooting in the Promised Land?

But this is about that Michael Winterbottom film that, as far as I have been reliably informed, has not even gone into any production phases due to financial issues.

It has been criticised and even lambasted.

If creating something called (as above) "Palestine", then there really is concern for historical accuracy.  Even for the cinema.


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Anonymous said...

In a sign of the rising specter of BDS and its potential impact on Israel’s export driven economy (50% of its value is in exports), a group of 80 of the nation’s most important business leaders, met in closed session (Hebrew) sponsored by a peace group called Israel Initiates (website), to address their fears. The outline of the initiative roughly follows that of the 2002 Saudi peace plan. They agreed that if no political initiative was taken by Israel, the country’s financial stability was in grave danger. Though it wasn’t clear what specific political plan they were advancing, their call was clearly a criticism of the quiescence of the Netanyahu government: