Sunday, June 12, 2011

After Almost Fifteen Years

Jonathan Pollard's father, Dr. Morris Pollard, almost 100 years old, who I know personally, is severely ill and his son has requested permission to be able to see him.

Back in 2003, this was reported:

For convicted spy Jonathan Pollard's first public appearance in 16 years, his father chose a back row seat...Morris Pollard, 89, a cancer researcher and professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame, said he has been estranged from his son for seven years and wanted to discreetly see how he was doing.

"I felt it was an obligation,'' he said. "He's not doing well, I can tell.''

...Jonathan Pollard nodded hello to spectators in the courtroom's front row, including his wife, and occasionally glanced into the crowd during the hearing...

We wish Morris good health.


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